The Lorax's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Lorax’s Costume

The Lorax Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Facial Hair Set Start the iconic bright look with a set of yellow mustache and eyebrows.
2 Orange Onesie Then, wear an orange onesie.
3 Orange Gloves Get a pair of orange gloves as you please.
4 Truffula Pen Carry this cute pens to symbolize the trees from the film.
5 Wig Complete the look with yellow hair.

The Lorax is one of the most lovable characters from Dr. Seuss’ books and films. He is also one of the easiest to recognize thanks to his orange body. To recreate his look, be sure to wear an orange onesie styled with gloves. Then, complete the look with a pair of yellow eyebrows and a mustache.

About The Lorax

The Lorax is an animated film released in 2012. It shows the fate of the Lorax, the guardian of the forest, and how the said forest was exploited by the villain called The Once-ler. The forest trees (Truffula Trees) were cut down to turn its fiber into the highly commercialized Thneed used in various garments. When all trees where cut, the Lorax sent the animals away and then vanished.