Tiny Diamond Costume from Trolls for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tiny Diamond’s Costume from Trolls

Tiny Diamond Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Unitard Let your child be a little diamond with this light blue unitard.
2 Pajama Set For a comfier set, you can also just get a sweater and pajama combo in light blue.
3 Glitter Spray Add a layer of glitter all over the outfit.
4 Sunglasses Rock the look with this special pair of sunnies.
5 Full Set You can also choose to get this full outfit instead.

Tiny Diamond’s costume can be recreated by spraying glitter all over a sweater and pajama set or a unitard. This will represent the shimmer of diamonds on his skin. Then, complete the costume by wearing a special pair of sunglasses, too.

About Tiny Diamond

Tiny Diamond is a character from the animated film Trolls. His real name is Tiny Blitzgerald Diamond and he is the son of Guy Diamond. When he was introduced, he can be heard having a deep voice. Tiny Diamond is also the main character in another short called “Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School”.

Tiny Diamond is, as his name suggests, a small diamond-shaped troll with a shining silver body covered in glitter. He has a neon blue mohawk hairstyle that perfectly complements his energetic personality. As the son of King Quincy and Queen Essence, he possesses great musical talent and loves to showcase his rap skills throughout the film.

In “Trolls World Tour,” Tiny Diamond becomes friends with Poppy and Branch, the main characters, as they embark on a journey to save all music in their diverse troll universe. With his catchy songs like “One More Time” and “It’s All Love,” Tiny Diamond brings his own unique musical style to the story and adds an element of hip-hop and modern pop culture.

Despite his small stature, Tiny Diamond has big dreams and ambitions. He is confident, charismatic, and always ready for an adventure. His positive attitude and infectious energy make him popular not only among Trolls fans but also serve as an inspiration for kids who watch the movie.

Not only does Tiny Diamond have great musical talent, but he also values friendship and teamwork. He contributes to the group’s mission by using his abilities to spread joy through music while helping others realize the importance of embracing diversity.

Tiny Diamond’s character represents individuality and self-expression – encouraging people to embrace their unique qualities without hesitation or fear of judgment. Overall, he brings a fresh perspective to the Trolls universe with his bold personality and modern vibes that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Throughout “Trolls World Tour,” Tiny Diamond’s upbeat rap performances combined with his humorous charm add an element of entertainment that further engages viewers. Whether it’s through catchy tunes, snappy one-liners, or his overall enthusiasm, Tiny Diamond quickly became a beloved character among fans of the Trolls franchise.

In conclusion, Tiny Diamond is a lively and dynamic character who adds a memorable touch of sparkle, music, and excitement to the “Trolls” movies. Through his rap talents and vibrant personality, he captivates viewers and reinforces important messages of individuality, friendship, and embracing diverse cultures.