Clifford the Big Red Dog & Emily Elizabeth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Clifford & Emily Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Clifford the Big Red Dog Costume

# Item Description
1 Red One-Piece Footed Pajama Start off your costume by suiting your whole body with this red one-piece footie pajama.
2 Red Winter Gloves Match the color of your paws with this red winter gloves.
3 Red Dog Tail Attach your red dog tail and start wagging in pleasure.
4 Black Adjustable Dog Collar Adorn your neck with this adjustable black dog collar.
5 Bone Dog Tag Add a personalized dog tag to your collar.
6 Hat Complete your friendly canine look with this special Clifford hat.
7 Costume Set Transform your kid to Clifford the Big Red Dog with this full costume set.

How to Make Emily Elizabeth Costume

# Item Description
1 Pink Long Sleeve Shirt with Collar Pick this pink long-sleeved shirt with a collar to begin your Emily Elizabeth outfit.
2 Black Pleated Skirt Pair your top with this black pleated school uniform skirt.
3 Pink and Black Striped Extra Long Socks Wear Emily Elizabeth’s recognizable pink and black striped extra-long socks.
4 Black Mary Jane Shoes Finish off your attire with a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.
5 White Fabric Paint Use this fabric paint to color your collar white.

Clifford and Emily Elizabeth are the two lead characters in the animated educational children’s television series Clifford the Big Red Dog, with Clifford being the 2-year old 25-foot red Labrador Retriever and Emily Elizabeth his 8-year old owner and best friend. Clifford grew up to his enormous size thanks to Emily Elizabeth’s huge amount of love for him.

Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth are the best of friends. They wear a one-piece red pajama, red winter gloves, a red tail, a special Clifford hat, dog collar and tag for Clifford, and a pink long-sleeved shirt, a black pleated skirt, extra-long pink and black striped socks, and black Mary Jane shoes for Emily Elizabeth.

About Clifford the Big Red Dog and Emily Elizabeth

Clifford the Big Red Dog was voiced by John Ritter. Ritter is also known for his roles in Three’s Company, Sling Blade, Problem Child, and Bad Santa.
Emily Elizabeth was voiced by Grey Griffin. Griffin is also known for her roles in Batman: Arkham City, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, When Marnie Was There, and The Book of Life.

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