Princess Isabel (Elena of Avalor) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Princess Isabel’s Costume from Elena of Avalor

Here is an wasy way to dress like Princess Isabel:

Princess Isabella Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Dress Wear this blue dress with puffed sleeves
2 Floral Applique Decorate the hem with yellow floral applique.
3 Blue Ribbon Use a blue ribbon on the waist of the dress and later on in the hair.
4 White Tights Wear white tights or stockings.
5 Black Shoes Pair the tights with this shoe. Decorate the strap with a piece of blue ribbon.
6 Brown Wig Cop a brown, wavy wig and tie it in a half ponytail using a blue ribbon.
7 Red Book Carry this red book as prop.

Princess Isabel wears a blue dress with puffed sleeves and yellow flower details on the hem. You can add yellow floral appliques or iron-on patches on the hems for added detail. Isabel pairs her blue dress with white stockings or tights then completes her footwear with black mary jane shoes. She has a wavy brunette hair half tied with a blue ribbon. Get a red book as props.

About Princess Isabel

Princess Isabel is a female character in the animated series Elena of Avalor. She is a major character in the series. Isabel is also the crown princess, daughter and heir of King Raul and Queen Lucia.

She is described as precocious and loves reading, learning, creating, and inventing. She is Elena’s younger sister. Despite being learned, she is said to have trouble taking advise and often decides without consulting others. Isabel can see sprits during Dia de los Muertos.