Anna (Frozen) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Anna’s Costume from Frozen

Anna Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Slim Shirt with Long Sleeves Get a plain light blue long sleeved T-shirt to wear. Make sure it fits perfectly to your body.
2 Black Corset Look for a black corset to wear over your T-shirt.
3 Long Blue Skirt Match your top with a long dark blue skirt. Noted that you should wear it under your corset.
4 Pink Cloak/Cape Cover the outfit with a long pink cloak.
5 Black Boots Get black boots to pair up with the outfit.
6 Light Brown Double Braided Wig Recreate Anna’s hairdo with an orange braided wig.
7 Fabric Paint This is optional. If you want to get all the little details of the DIY costume, use the fabric paint to draw Anna’s dress pattern.
8 Full Costume Don’t have time to assemble the items? Get a full costume here.
9 coronation dress If you want the coronation dress, then it also available!
10 inspired tank top Optional
11 Coronation dress for children Optional

Being a joyful princess of Arendelle, Anna’s gown speaks of fun and adventurous with its color palate of blue, pink, dark blue, and black.

In this look, Anna wears a blue long sleeved shirt with a dark color in the mid waist to chest, a long pinkish red cloak, a long dark blue skirt, and a pair of dark booths. The outfit color also compliments Anna’s double braided orange hair.

If you want to replicate Anna’s style in the DIY way, checkout our item list down here right now!

About Anna

Anna or Princess Anna of Arendelle, voiced by an American actress Kristen Bell, is one of the main character in the 2013 Disney animated film “Frozen.” The film had won a great deal of recognition and critical acclaim worldwide. It also produced a very ear-catching song like “Let It Go” which captured the heart of children and adults alike. The success of the film had brought about many concerts, musicals, and theme park within Disney’s property. Also, the sequel will come out in November of 2019.

Frozen tells the story of Elsa, a young queen of a fictional Scandinavian kingdom called Arendelle, who runs away from the throne because she’s afraid that she won’t be able to confine her magical ice power and that she would hurt people like she did to her sister Anna in the past. And so, Anna, a princess and a younger sister, undergoes an adventurous path to find her sister and ask her to come back to rule the kingdom.