Price is Right Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Price is Right Costume

The Price Is Right Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Price Is Right Original Logo T-Shirt Commence your ordinary contestant outfit by getting this Price is Right T-shirt printed with its original logo.
2 Blue Stonewash Regular Fit Jeans Pair your shirt with these stonewash regular fit blue jeans.
3 Brown Casual Sneakers Add this casual pair of brown sneakers to your simple getup.
4 Assorted Colored Heavy Card Stock Paper Use these assorted colored heavy card stock papers to construct your portable Price is Right podium monitor with a white-colored indicated price guess.
5 Fake Microphone Get also this fake microphone as an addition to your game costume.

The Price is Right is a well-known and long-lasting American television game show which has been airing since 1972. Contestants are selected among the studio audiences and then compete by guessing the prices for merchandise items in order to win cash and prizes. TV Guide, in 2007, named The Price is Right as the “greatest game show of all time”.

Price is Right has been inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame. To get an inspired look from the game show, you will need to wear a Price is Right t-shirt printed with its original logo, stonewash regular fit blue jeans, brown casual sneakers, and a portable colored cardboard Price is Right podium monitor with a white indicated price guess.

About Price is Right

“The Price is Right” is a long-running game show that has been on the air since 1956. It was created by Bob Stewart and originally aired on NBC. In 1972, it moved to CBS, where it has remained ever since. The show is hosted by Drew Carey, who took over as host in 2007 after Bob Barker’s retirement.

The premise of “The Price is Right” revolves around contestants guessing the prices of various consumer products to win cash and prizes. The game is divided into several segments, each with its own set of challenges and prizes. Here are some key aspects of the show:

  1. Contestant Selection: Audience members are randomly selected to become contestants and have the chance to participate onstage.

  2. Pricing Games: The heart of the show is the pricing games segment, where contestants play various games to win larger prizes such as cars, vacations, or appliances. Some popular games include “Plinko,” “Cliff Hangers,” and “Hole in One.”

  3. Showcase Showdown: After completing a pricing game or series of games, contestants spin a giant wheel to try to get as close to $1 without going over. The two contestants who come closest advance to the showcase round.

  4. Showcases: In the final round called the Showcases, each finalist has the opportunity to bid on a collection of prizes presented in an extravagant showcase package. The contestant who comes closest to the total value of their showcase without going over wins everything in it.

“The Price is Right” has become known for its enthusiastic audience participation and trademark catchphrases like “Come on down!” when calling contestants from their seats.

Over its long history, “The Price is Right” has earned numerous daytime Emmy Awards and has been enjoyed by generations of viewers across different demographics. The show’s format remains timeless by combining elements of excitement, surprise, and fun gameplay while giving ordinary people the chance to win big prizes.

Whether it’s guessing the price of a new car or enjoying the thrill of spinning the wheel, “The Price is Right” continues to entertain audiences with its engaging gameplay and charismatic host.

The Price Is Right has aired more than 9,000 episodes since its debut in 1972, and is the longest-running game show in the USA. In fact, it is one of the longest-running network series in United States television history.

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