Log Lady (Twin Peaks) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Log Lady Costume

Log Lady Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Framed Glasses A red vintage pair of glasses.
2 Turtleneck Sweater You can find a turtleneck sweater with a different shade of blue
3 Knit Plaid Shirt You can also find the same type of shirt with any yellow shades.
4 Loose Cardigan Sweater Any shades of brown would do, but make sure it’s a loose kind.
5 Cherry Brooch Pin A cherry brooch pin to put over your knit plaid shirt
6 Yellow Mug Pick a yellow cup with the most similarity
7 Log Pillow Add more realistic aspect to the costume.
8 Wig Optional

Log Lady from Twin Peaks Signature Look

Maybe the other reason why people assume of her a crazy lady is that of her choice of fashion. Log Lady’s outfits are, indeed, extraordinary and artistic which can come out as weird to many people.

She puts on layers and layers of clothes and wears accessary she likes, so she’s totally independent and out of social norm. Though Log Lady will never make it to a Vogue cover, she is happy with herself.

About Log Lady from Twin Peaks

They say in every town, there is one person who is, as everybody accuses, crazy: one who is not ordinary, and one who couldn’t fit in. Twin Peaks is no exception. Margaret Lanterman, played by Catherine E. Coulson, is a crazy woman in most resident’s eye because she often carries a log with her which she claims it’s capable of perceive events.

The other reason why people see Lanterman as a mental-ill person is that she often speaks a lot of nonsense, illogical, and confusing things. Despite the judging eyes, Lanterman is actually a person she claimed to be for she’s able to contact the supernatural world and accurately describe some events with the help of the log. Therefore, Lanterman earns the title ‘Log Lady,’ which is a better known name of her.

Lady Log has taught us one major thing about fashion and style regardless to how much many of us despise her choices, and that is to always be yourself even when people throw their judgments on you because in the end of the day this is your body, your business. This moral goes beyond choices of clothes. So you can choose too, whether you want to be a person people expect you to be or you want to be a person you desire to be.