Elena Fisher (Uncharted) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Elena Fisher Costume

Elena Fisher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1. Button up shirt light blue
2. T-shirt long sleeve light colored to layer under the button up.
3. Cargo pants form-fitting khaki or olive green colored
4. Boots for hiking in a dark brown color.
5. Watch with brown leather strap.
6. Belt simple brown leather
7. Badge holder strap clip to hook onto the belt.
8. Leather Holster Fast-Draw Belt-Slide Leather Holster (Brown), Right Hand
9. Prop Gun Optional
10. Camcorder Optional

As for who is an Elena Fisher costume ideal for? Anyone who wants to represent a strong, intellectual female who isn’t afraid throw the occasional punch. Her outfit itself is a representative of how fierce and tough she is.

Without a doubt, Elena Fisher is one of the coolest, toughest female adventurer journalists. The Uncharted series is as great as it is because of her personality and appearance. She knows how to shoot and fight as well as write a mean story piece, not to mention she has saved Nathan Drake’s butt many a time. Who wouldn’t want to cosplay as her?

Why You Should Cosplay as Elena Fisher Next

Now Elena Fisher may not be as popular as some of the other characters within the Uncharted video games series, but that doesn’t make her any less of a great personality. She is definitely important to the Uncharted franchise as she is basically Nathan Drake’s other half. Elena Fisher is a wonderful costume choice for anybody who wants to embody her powerful and spirited persona.

Elena Fisher started out as a TV reporter and journalist who was very good at her job. She isn’t afraid to do what it takes to get the story she needs. Later on in the Uncharted game series, she meets Nathan Drake and eventually ends up following him on his many adventures.

She isn’t afraid to get rough or fight, and in fact, saves Drake’s life multiple times. When thinking of revolutionary female characters in video games, Elena Fisher should definitely be on your list. She is as strong and smart as her male counterparts, if not stronger and smarter.