Chara and Frisk (Undertale) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Chara and Frisk’s Costume from Undertale

To cop these looks, nail each character’s costume with brown shoes and brunette wigs.

Dress like Chara and Frisk with these super easy hacks below:

Chara Costume Guide

Chara Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green and Yellow Striped Sweater Start off with a green and yellow striped sweater.
2 Green Sweater For a DIY take, cop a plain green sweatshirt
3 Yellow Tape Then line it with yellow tape as stripes.
4 Brown Chinos for men Gentlemen can wear brown chino shorts.
5 Brown shorts for women Meanwhile, ladies could wear brown shorts.
6 Brown Shoes Slip on these unisex brown shoes to nail Chara’s look.
7 Brown Wig Cop a brown wig for a cool finish.

Frisk Costume Gudie

Frisk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Sweater Get a blue sweatshirt.
2 Pink Tape Recreate Frisk’s pink/purple stripes with colored tape.
3 Blue Chinos for men Men could wear blue chinos
4 Blue shorts for women Ladies could rock blue shorts.
5 Brown Shoes Wear brown shoes.
6 Fake Knife Carry a fake knife a-la Frisk when it kills all the monsters.
7 Brown Wig Throw in a brown wig for a brunette finish.

Chara is the first human to fall in the Underground while Frisk is one of the last. But even with this difference, they dress similarly. Fortunately, looking like the main characters of Undertale is very easy.

Chara wears a green-and-yellow striped sweater as well as a pair of brown bottoms.

Meanwhile, protagonist Frisk is dressed similarly with its
purple and blue sweater and blue shorts.

About Chara and Frisk

Chara and Frisk are characters from the video game “Undertale”. Chara is considered as the First Human because she is believed to be the first one to have fallen in the Underground. She was adopted by Toriel and Asgore and became step siblings with the couple’s child, Asriel.

Meanwhile, Frisk is one of the last 8 humans who went down the Underground. Frisk is the playable character of the game, making it the protagonist. Both Chara and Frisk have ambiguous genders and are even dressed alike. Frisk embarks on a journey to the surface and has notable moments with Chara, especially in the Genocide Route.