Mono & Six (Little Nightmares) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mono’s Costume from Little Nightmares

Mono Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gray Shirt Start he Mono look with this shirt.
2 Coat Add a gray coat to the costume.
3 Pants Complete the monochromatic look with these pants.
4 Mask Don’t forget to wear this Mono mask to nail the costume.
5 Costume You can also get this full set.
6 Giant Key Carry a giant key as prop.

Mono’s monochromatic gray look can be DIY-ed with a shirt, pants, and coat on top. For the finishing touch, wear a Mono-inspired mask then, carry a giant key, too.

How to Make Six’s Costume from Little Nightmares

Six Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Costume Set Start the outfit with this hooded jacket.
2 Raincoat Let your girl wear this raincoat as an alternative.
3 Wig Nail the look with this wig.

Six’s outfit is a bright spot on the dark premise of the franchise. Her costume is an easy fix for your child’s next costume idea! Simply wear a yellow raincoat or hooded jacket and your little one is good to go!

About Mono

Mono is character from the puzzle horror game Little Nightmares. Mono is a kind boy who showed kindness to others. Everything changed when he accompanied a girl named Six on a trip to the Signal tower. As the world crumbles under the relentless pulse of the Signal Tower, Mono takes refuge where he can. His thin paper mask gives him some respite, helping him forget that the outside world hates him and wants him to fail.

About Six

Six is a character from the game Little Nightmares. She is the protagonist of the franchise. The game is set in a place called The Maw, a resort were various weird beings come to. The children on board seem to be used as a source of meat for the guests. Six is lucky enough to evade being food for guests and she wishes to leave the vessel.