Popo and Nana's Costume from Ice Climber for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Popo and Nana’s Costume from Ice Climber

Popo and Nana Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Parka For Nana’s look, wear this pink parka jacket.
2 Pink Pants Match it with your choice of pink pants.
3 Blue Parka The partner can also wear a matching blue parka.
4 Blue Pants For the blue parka, make sure to wear blue pants.
5 Women’s Boots Complete the look with a pair of boots.
6 Men’s Boots Men can opt for these boots instead.
7 Wooden Mallet Use a wooden mallet as a prop.

Popo and Nana’s costume are perfect for winter. You can rock a pink and blue parka jacket with your buddy and style it with pants that match the parka. Then, complete the costume with white winter boots.

About Popo and Nana

Popo and Nana is a character from the game called Ice Climber. The pair starred in the action game released in 1985. Popo wears a blue jacket and Nana wears a pink one. The goal of their adventure was to reach the top of the mountain, collect vegetables, and defeat enemies along the way.