Mettaton (Undertale) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mettaton’s Costume from Undertale

These are items you can get to dress like Mettaton:

Mettaton Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Vest Cop this pink vest first.
2 Striped Top Recreate her segmented arms with this striped shirt.
3 Shoulder Harness Nail her wide shoulder pads with this harness.
4 Dark Pants Wear dark pants.
5 Metallic Belt Loop in this metallic belt.
6 Pink Heart Sticker Then add a heart at the buckle part of the belt.
7 Pink Boots Slip on this pink pair of boots.
8 Black Wig Wear this short wig.
9 Silver Face Paint Keep her robotic face with this silver paint.
10 Hoodie You may also cop this Mettaton hoodie.

Mettaton’s costume can be nailed with many everyday items. First, get a pink vest and decorate it with a silver belt with a heart sticker at the center. The costume has striped sleeves for her robotic arm segments, as well oversized shoulder pads. Pair the top with dark pants. She has black hair with long bangs. Complete the look with pink ankle boots and silver facepaint for the robotic effect on her make-up.

About Mettaton

Mettaton is a character in the video game Undertale. The game is a role-playing one whose primary playable is a child who fell into the Underground.

One character that the child may meet in the game is robot with a SOUL called Mettaton. She was built by Alphys. She was originally planned to only be made for entertainment by Alphys later on killed others so Alphys can be rescue the protagonist when the need comes. On a lighter note, Mettaton is the only television star in the Undergound.