Underfell Sans (Undertale) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Underfell Sans Costume

Underfell Sans Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red T-Shirt Start off with a vibrant red shirt for your Underfell Sans outfit.
2 Black Jacket with White Fur Look extra edgy and cool with black jacket with white fur.
3 Black Gym Shorts with Yellow Details Look laidback and relaxed with this pair of black shorts.
4 Black Sneakers Wear a pair of black sneakers with red laces.
5 Skeleton Gloves & Leggings Use this pair to look like you have skeleton hands & legs.
6 Black Spiked Choker Accessorize with a black choker.
7 Mask Wear a mask to look like Sans, and don’t forget to color one of your teeth yellow.

Undertale has so many alternate universes because of the fandom. Due to the intricacies of alternate universes, many characters now have different alter egos. Sans is one such character. In the nefarious Underfell AU, Sans is an evil being with powers that he uses under his brother’s command. Sans also has an alter ego that resides in no timeline but helps creates alternative universes using his powers.

Underfell Sans is edgier in his look and has on a red shirt, black jacket, and black shorts.

About Underfell Sans

Underfell Sans is the alternate character of Sans from Undertale. He resides in the Underfell Alternate Universe. He looks similar to his Undertale counterpart but is more sinister.

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