Bluntman & Chronic (Chasing Amy) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Bluntman and Chronic’s Costume from Chasing Amy

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For Bluntman Costume

Bluntman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Shirt Start with a black tee with a marijuana print.
2 Black Shorts Pair it with black shorts.
3 Yellow Tape Line the shorts with a thick layer of tape across.
4 Black Fabric Cut a piece of black fabric as base for his thick waist belt.
5 Gold Foil Line the fabric with gold foil in the middle.
6 Red Paper Paste a big red circle on the center of the foil as buckle.
7 Black Boots Wear a pair of black boots.
8 Navy Robe Top the outfit with a navy robe.
9 Red gloves Wear a red pair of gloves.
10 Brown Wig Get a brown wig.
11 Beard Set Cop a fake mustache and beard.
12 Black Cap Finish the look with a black cap.

For Chronic Costume

Chronic Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Overalls Keep it tight with a white bodysuit.
2 Red Swirl Style it with a red swirl sticker.
3 Belt Then wear a belt.
4 Red Briefs Wear a red brief on top of the bodysuit.
5 Red Gloves Keep the color scheme to red with these gloves.
6 Red Eye Mask Match the red accents with this eye mask.
7 Wig Style the look with this wig.
8 Swim Cap Top the wig by wearing this swim cap.
9 Red Boots Lace up a red pair of boots to finish.

Bluntman wears a black top with a marijuana print. He wears it with long loose shorts with a yellow accent. He styles the shirt with a belt and navy robe. For his accessories and add-ons, he has a pair of red gloves, black bat ears cap, as well as brown wig and beard set.

Chronic delivers his funny costume in the form of a white overall with a red swirl. He also has belt and red briefs. To match his briefs, he wears red gloves and boots. Then the costume can be completed with a brown wig, a swim cap, and a mask.

About Bluntman and Chronic

Bluntman and Chronic are popular characters from a comic book first mentioned and seen in the Chasing Amy film. The characters also appears inthe 2019 film Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

They are based from friends named Jay and Silent Bob whom Banky and Holden create in Chasing Amy. The appearances of this duo is often tied to them being comic characters whose franchise rights are put to the spotlight.