John Cena (WWE) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make John Cena’s Costume

Looks great for your costume party? Grab all the items down below to make this happens.

John Cena Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Abs-printed Tee Wear an abs-printed shirt if you do not want to go shirtless.
2 Denim Shorts Get a pair of denim shorts.
3 Wristbands & Cap Cop a pair of colored wristbands, headband and hat set
4 Shoes Match shoes with the color of the wristbands.
5 Dog tag Sling a dog tag around the neck for the final touch.
6 Championship Belt Optional prop
7 Full Costume If you like to save time

John Cena may have shown his wrestling prowess in the ring but his style is surprsingly easy to copy. To wrestle like John Cena, wear a pair of denim shorts. You can go topless or wear a body-printed shirt. He also matches his arm wrist bands with the color of his sneakers. What’s great about this attire is the pieces are easily wearable separately for every day dressing.

About John Cena

John Cena is a professional wrestler known for his contributions to the WWE. His catchphrase is “You Can’t See Me” and has been his iconic line. He is a wrestler who has dominated the WWE and the annual event Wrestle Mania.

Aside from being a wrestler, he is also a rapper (as seen in his persona as a trash-talking wrestler) with a debut album entitled You Can’t See Me. His acting career saw him starring in films like Trainwrec and Bumblebee.