Roman Reigns (WWE) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Roman Reigns Costume

Roman Reigns Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Muscle Suit Start with a muscle suit to bulk up your frame.
2 Vest and Punch Glove Set Make sure to wear black vest and black gloves for your outfit.
3 Black Cargo Pants Pair your top and gloves with some black cargo pants.
4 Black Combat Boots Make sure to wear sturdy black combat boots when wrestling.
5 Black Long Wavy Wig Try on a long black wig to look more like Roman Reigns.
6 Black Fake Beard and Mustache Look as scruffy hot as this wrestler with the fake beard and mustache.
7 Temporary Tattoo Templates Draw on some temporary tattoos on your muscle suit with these stencils.
8 Black Web Belt Keep your pants up with a black belt.
9 WWE Championship Title Belt Prop Don’t forget to bring your WWE championship belt.

Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler known for his stint in WWE. His real name is Leati Joe Anoa’i and is a member of a well-known Samoan-American wrestling dynasty.

Roman Reigns is most known for his all-black ensemble and Samoan tattoos on his right sleeve. He wears a black vest, black gloves, black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a full beard.

About Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns started his professional football career with brief off-season stints in the National Football League and played a full season for the Canadian Football League. He was initially set to be developed as the “face of the company” for WWE from 2014-2020. Reigns returned to wrestling following a 5-month hiatus battling a recurring bout with leukemia, and was successfully repackaged as a new villainous character, “The Tribal Chief”.

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