Hanzo (Overwatch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hanzo’s Costume from Overwatch

This how you can cop Hanzo’s badass costume:

Hanzo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Kimono or Yukata Top Cop this Japanese top, wear with one shoulder out, like Hanzo.
2 Loose Pants Match top with this pair of pants.
3 Fanny Pack Cop a fanny pack.
4 Blue Cloth Cut a strip of blue fabric and wear on the waist together with the fanny pack.
5 Black Boots Wear black boots, too.
6 Silver Foil Decorate boots with foil accents on the surface.
7 Gauntlet Wear this metallic gauntlet.
8 Hanzo Bow Carry this Hanzo-inspired bow.
9 Quiver with arrows Then get a quiver and arrow set.
10 Ponytail wig Wear a black wig in a ponytail.
11 Gold Ribbon Attach golden ribbon on the ponytail.
12 Mustache and Goatee Complete his facial hair with fake a mustache and goatee.
13 Tattoo Get this temporary tattoo and apply on entire arm.
14 Hanzo Set You may also get this simple kimono set.

Hanzo pays homage to his Japanese roots with a grey yukata top and matching shorts. His boots are adorned with silver accents. The top he wears is also styled with a blue cloth at the waist and a fanny pack. His weapons include the bow and arrow.

Hanzo also has a gauntlet on one hand and an arm full of tattoos. To complete his look, wear a fake mustache and beard, then tie the hair in a ponytail with gold ribbons.

About Hanzo

Hanzo Shimada is a character in the game “Overwatch”. He is considered as a Damage hero with abilities such as wall climbing, sonic arrow, storm arrows, lunges, and more.

He is both a bowman and an assassin. Aside from his bow, he is also skilled with the sword. He came from a family of assassins and was later forced to kill his own brother whom he was tasked to discipline. This broke his heart and made him abandon his family’s legacy.