Sin Cara Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sin Cara costume

Sin Cara Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wrestling Mask Look for a green wrestling mask with wings decoration.
2 Green Tights/Leggings A regular pair of green tights or leggings would be perfect.
3 Green Arm Sleeves Get a pair of green arm sleeves that match with the pant’ color.
4 Golden Cape This is easy, just look for a long golden costume cape.
5 Wrestling Boots Finish you look with wrestler leather boots, either in black or gold color.
6 Wrestler Champion Belt This is optional, get a wrestler champion belt to power up your style.
7 Action Figure If you are a Sin Cara fan, don’t forget to collect his action figure.

Sin Cara’s signature outfit includes a green mask with wings, green arm sleeves, green wrestling pants, and a pair of black boots. In addition, you can also wear a golden cape on top of the outfit. You can also get a championship belt to show the world that Sin Cara is a champion. Check out our item list down below to see what do you need for Sin Cara’s legendary look!

About Sin Cara

Born to Mexican immigrant parents in a city of El Paso in Texas on September 5 in 1977, Jorge Arias started off his wrestling path in Burges High School where he often accomplished the victory in the state champion. In the early 2000s, Arias began his professional wrestling career under the ring name “Mistico” while he worked in his grandfathers funeral home in Juarez, Mexico.

As time passed, Arias had changed his career persona a couple of times. Then in December 2, 2013 Arias reprised the name “Sin Cara” in the match. Ever since, Sin Cara is known and cheered by the world of wrestling again.