The Undertaker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make the Undertaker’s Costume

The Undertaker Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tank top, black A lot of the times The Undertaker goes shirtless under his big coat, but often he will wear a black tank top.
2 Gloves, black The Undertaker wears black gloves as an accessory a lot of the time.
3 Coat, large, leather He wears a huge leather coat over either his bare chest or a tank top. The coat is very gothic and dramatic.
4 Leggings, leather When wrestling, most men don’t wear normal pants but instead leggings or shorts. He wears black leather leggings most times.
5 Wig, black A wig isn’t necessary for the costume, but The Undertaker has very stringy, long black hair that is quite iconic to his character.
6 Boots, wrestling, black On his feet he wears professional wrestling boots that are black with a shiny finish.
7 Cowboy, hat, black On his head, The Undertaker wears a black cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes.

In the world of WWE, flashy outfits and short-shorts are a big trend. The Undertaker may be part of the WWE wrestlers, but he certainly has his own sense of unique style when it comes to wrestling outfits. He chooses to dress in a much darker fashion than others, which helps make him different than others too.

You could say he dresses in a goth-cowboy kind of style, but he certainly makes it work. The typical Undertaker wrestling costume would be a giant leather coat over a black tank top, black leather leggings, a black cowboy hat, and black wrestling boots. He will often wear eyeliner to go with his gothic style and leave his black hair loose and stringy.

About The Undertaker

The Undertaker is current pro-wrestler signed to the WWE and appears on TV in matches very often. He started his career in the mid-80s as Mark Calaway and has such a successful he is now known as one of the best wrestlers in WWE history.