Ralphie Parker's Bunny (A Christmas Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ralphie Parker’s Bunny Costumes from A Christmas Story

Ralphie Parker's Bunny Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Bunny Suit You can start with this bunny suit for a full costume set.
2 Pink Onesie For a DIY take, kick off the cute look with this pink onesie
3 Bunny Slippers Then, get a pair of bunny slippers, too.
4 Mittens Complete the pink attire with mittens.
5 eyeglasses Wear eyeglasses similar to this style.

Ralphie’s iconic bunny look is easy to pull off. The DIY take of this includes a pink onesie or bunny suit. Then, complete the costume with a pair of bunny slippers and pink mittens.

About Ralphie Parker

Ralphie Parker is a character from the film A Christmas Story. The movie is set in December 1940 and comes with a series of vignettes narrated by the adult Ralphie Parker. He was looking back on a specific Christmas when he was only nine years old. The 27th vignette features Ralphie receiving a bunny costume and slippers from his aunt which his mom forced him to wear.