Adventure Time's Lumpy Space Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Lumpy Space Princess costume in Adventure Time

Lumpy Space Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Wig Start Lumpy Space princess’ look with a nice purple wig. You’re free to choose a length that you’re comfortable with.
2 Purple Bodysuit Turn you body purple without getting too messy with a purple full bodysuit.
3 Purple Gloves Cover your bare hands in purple gloves, hiding your human skin.
4 Purple Socks Wear purple socks so you can get all of your body part in Lumpy Space princess’ color.
5 Purple Face Paint Paint your whole face in purple color to totally rock the whole-body purple skin.
6 Violet Dress Now it’s time to dress up! Look for a purple dress or any top combo you’re comfortable to wear (must be in purple).
7 Sleep Dress Tank You can wear this with Purple leggings or purple tutu skirt.
8 Purple Heels Find some cute princess-like heels to wear. You only need to make sure they’re in purple.
9 Vinyl Figure Get this cute little Lumpy Space princess action figure from Funko POP.
10 Plush If you like how fluffy she looks, why don’t you also get her fluffy plush?!
11 Star Hair Clip And never forget to get a gold sticker to put on your forehead. It is a must have for this look!

Lumpy Space Princess’ signature look is that of a floating purple cloud or cotton candy with a big yellow star on her forehead that glows when she floats. She also has arms, hands, eyes, and a mouth, but there’s nothing specific about them. Here’s how you can create Lumpy Space princess’ inspired look, just follow the list down below!

About Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess, played by a voice actor Pendleton Ward, is one of the three most recurring princess characters in a Cartoon Network’s well-received fantasy and adventure animated TV series Adventure Time. Lumpy Space princess is from a place called Lumpy Space where her royalty parents had her, however, according to her, she has been living on her own in the woods of Ooo because she was banished.

Although her name is Lumpy Space princess, she is not recognized by the chair of princesses partially because of her dramatic attitude and the fact that she is no longer the heir to Lumpy Space. Her ability is to infect people with the lumps, a disease that turns people into a lumpy space person, by biting them.

Lumpy Space princess has a valley girl-like personality; she’s an attention seeker, bratty, and sassy. But her personality might be the way she copes with her insecurities about her appearance.

Image Credit: TeaandCraft