Adventure Time's Flame Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Flame Princess’s costume from Adventure Time

Flame Princess Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fire Styled Wig “Tell the world of Flame Princess’ power by getting an orange wig with her hairdo by wearing this wig first, then putting the fire wig on top.”
2 Orange Gown “This is a an old fashioned princess gown in hot pink color to get to your sweet side with the tiara’s replica that looks similar to the original .”
3 Big Orange Jewel “Look for two orange jewels in big size and glue them on your chest and forehead using body glue.”
4 Orange Slippers “Any plain designed slippers in orange color would be perfect.”
5 Orange Face Paint “To get Flame Princess’ skin tone, apply an orange face paint lightly on your skin.”
6 Figure “Get a Flame Princess action figure from Funko Pop to lighten up your room.”
7 Plush Doll “Get a cute plush doll of Flame Princess as a gift or for yourself!”

Flame Princess’s color speaks of heat and spark in her power and nature using shades of hot orange tone. In addition of her bright orange skin tone, Flame Princess wears a dark orange gown with an orange jewel on her chest as well as on forehead. She also owns a fire-like hair style to emphasize her element. Check the list down below to recreate Flame Princess’ look.

About Flame Princess

Phoebe or Flame Princess, played by a voice actress Jessica DiCicco, is a character in a Cartoon Network popular fantasy-adventure animated TV series Adventure Time, which tells the story of a teenage human named Finn and his magical dog best friend and step-brother Jake, who together travel the Land of Ooo and battle the bad guys along the way. Flame Princess is the ruler of the Fire Kingdom. But to Finn she is his ex-girlfriend.

At young age, Flame Princess is locked away in the Fire Kingdom by her Father, the Flame King, as Princess Bubblegum’s advise. Therefore, Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum don’t get along too well.

The signature of Flame Princess is, indeed, a fire blast. As wild as her fire power, her emotion often gets the best of her, especially her short temper. Moreover, due to the past, Flame Princess has trust issue as well as judgmental. Despite all that, she’s a fearless, bold, and sensitive character.

Image Credit: LadyGeekGirl