Red Queen of Hearts Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Red Queen’s Costume from Through the Looking-Glass

These are pieces you can cop to dress like the Red Queen:

Queen Of Hearts Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Blouse with puff sleeves Make this black blouse the base of the upper part of the costume.
2 White Collar Add a contrast white collar to the blouse
3 Gold corset You may also wear a gold-toned corset to recreate the gold accents on the Red Queen’s gown.
4 Gold Sleeves These arm sleeves go with the gold corset for added shine
5 Red Maxi Skirt Wear a read maxi skirt.
6 Gold Foil Cut small hearts to decorate the skirt with
7 Black Cloth Add a black heart around the gold cut outs with fabric tape.
8 Red Heart-shaped Wig Get a heart-shaped wig to finish the look.
9 Crown Top the wig with a gold crown.
10 Gold Shoes Finish the look with a gold-toned shoe.
11 Girls costume A detailed costume for girls
12 Full costume for adult women

The Red Queen dresses in an elaborate gown. To cop her look, wear a black blouse with puff sleeves and pair it with a white collar, a gold corset, and red maxi skirt. Wear a gold-toned arm sleeve. Decorate the skirt with gold and black heart-shaped cutouts and tape it on the skirt. Wear printed socks and gold shoes, too. Finish the look with a golden pair of shoes, a red wig, and a small crown.

Queen of Hearts Makeup Tutorial

About Red Queen/Queen of Hearts

The Red Queen is a character in the film “Through the Looking-Glass”.

She is considered the antagonist and is out to oppose protagonist Alice in her stay in their realm. They first met cordially but the story follows Alice and her adventures with and against the Red Queen.

She is often confused with the Queen of Hearts, who appeared earlier in the Alice in Wonderland series.