Card Soldier Costume from Alice in Wonderland for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Card Soldier’s Costume from Alice in Wonderland

Card Soldiers Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Card Vest For the costume, the most important part is the card vest.
2 Card Shirt You can opt to wear this printed shirt.
3 Hoodie Pull up the hood over your head, too.
4 Red Pants Keep the look red with this pair of pants.
5 Gloves Add a pair of gloves to the costume.
6 Shoes Complete the red look with these shoes.

Card Soldiers are known to look like a deck of cards. To recreate the cool outfit, you can start by securing a card-printed vest. Then, rock the all-red look with a hoodie, a pair of pants, and gloves.

About Card Soldiers

The Card Soldiers are characters from the book and film title Alice in Wonderland. They are best known as the subjects and military army of the Queen of Hearts. They are mostly seen as loyal servants and operate out of fear from the queen. Aside from being the soldiers, they are also seen doing jobs for the queen’s property such as tending to plants and other royal errands.