Winifred Sanderson (Hocus Pocus) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Witch Winifred Sanderson costume from Hocus Pocus

Winifred Sanderson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Medieval Dress Get a lavish, greenish medieval dress to recreate Winifred’s clothes.
2 Witch Shoes Look for black boots with very pointy tips.
3 Black Necklace Search for a Gothic-styled necklace or choker. Expensive but more accurate handmade necklace and pendant.
4 Gold Earrings Get any golden earrings that you prefer.
5 Finger Rings Get a pack of finger rings to add a fancy dimension to your costume.
6 Red Bouffant Wig Look for a big red curly wig in the red queen style.
7 Big Front Teeth To recreate Winifred’s teeth, get a costume big front teeth.
8 Long Plastic Nail Transform your hands to claws by adding long extension nails.
9 Nail Glue Just a regular nail glue.
10 Witch Broom This is optional. Gear up your style with a costume witch broom.
11 Choker Optional
12 Costume set if not in mood of DIYing, get full outfit

Winifred Sanderson and her two sisters lived in the 1600s. They all sold their souls to the Devil in exchange of magical powers and an incredible spell book. Needless to say, Winnie is a witch. She’s a very powerful one too. She’s sadistic, temperamental, and cruel: all characteristics that make her a typical witch. She’s also very cunning which makes her de facto leader of the trio of witch sisters.

Winifred’s outfit is definitely out of date in the modern world. She prefers a nice green-colored renaissance dress, an emerald green cloak, black and green-striped knee-high socks, and black ankle boots. Here’s everything you need to look like Winifred Sanderson.

Winifred’s most striking features are her big front teeth and fiery red hair, which she wears in a curled bouffant style. In contrast with her red hair, Winifred wears a greenish medieval gown. She also has long nails that make her hand look like claws. If you wish to recreate Winifred Sanderson’s witchy look, check out our item list down below!

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About Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson, famously portrayed by Bette Midler, is one of the main characters in Hocus Pocus, a 1993 comedy-fantasy movie about the battle of three youngsters and three powerful witches who are resurrected after three centuries of death and now hungry for revenge. Winifred has two younger sisters: Mary and Sarah.

All three become witches because they sell their souls to Satan in exchange for magical powers and an invaluable spellbook that could magically change its contents to suit any situation. Winifred is highly dramatic, sadistic, and temperamental, which makes her all the more deadly if one isn’t careful.

Winifred Sanderson was portrayed by actress Bette Midler.

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