Hayley Smith (American Dad) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Hayley Smith’s Costume from American Dad

Hayley Smith Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Grey Cropped Top Start off with a grey cropped top.
2 Blue Pants You can wear this pair of pants to add a bit of color.
3 White Belt Then add a bit of shine with this white belt with gold buckles.
4 Sandals She also wears this pair of sandals, too.
5 Peace Necklace Wear this peace necklace to add charm.
6 Navel Ring If you got a piercing, you can also wear this navel ring.
7 Bangles Then wear this stainless banger to match your piercing.
8 Arm Band Match your pants with this arm band.
9 Nose Ring Keep the look edgy with a faux nose ring.
10 Black Wig If you do not have black hair, you can use this wig.
11 Headband Top off the look with this green head piece, too.

Hayley’s casual look can be kicked off with a cropped tank top and a pair of blue pants. She styles it with a white belt with gold buckles and sandals. For her accessories, she also has a navel ring, a nose piercing, a wrist band, and a bangle. Complete the costume with a green headband, too.

About Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith is a character from American Dad. She is the first child of Francine and Stan Smith. Hayley is described as ultra liberal and uses marijuana for recreation.