White Nun (American Horror Story) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make White Nun’s (Sister Mary Eunice) Costume from American Horror Story

One of the more notable nuns in American Horror Story wears an all-white outfit with a contrast tear streaks. To cop the look, wear an all-white dress as habit with a veil, gloves, stockings, and white shoe. She also wears a white face make-up with black streaks on the eyes.

This is how you can steal the look of one of American Horror Story’s nun characters:

White Nun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long Dress Wear a white long-sleeved gown or long dress.
2 White Fabric Get a piece of cloth to use as veil.
3 White Gloves Cop a pair of hand gloves.
4 White Stockings Follow up with a pair of stockings.
5 White Pumps Pair pumps with the stockings.
6 White Face Paint Apply white face make-up.
7 Black Face Paint Stick Draw tear streaks with black make-up or face color.
8 Nun Mask You may also cop this mask.
9 Full Costume If you don’t want to DIY

White Nun Makeup Tutorial

About White Nun / Sister Mary Eunice

The Nun is one of the characters in the second season of “American Horror Story”. This season is titled Asylum. Its story focused on the story around a mental institution.

Nuns in this season include Sister Mary Eunice who is eventually possessed. She kills a female patient who sensed that she is possessed and proceded to unleash bad things in the mental asylum.