The Fox and the Hound Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Fox (Tod) Costume

Fox & Hound Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Orange Long-Sleeved Shirt Begin your outfit with a plain orange long-sleeved shirt.
2 White Fabric Shape this white fabric into an oblong and sew onto your shirt.
3 Orange Leggings Match your shirt with a pair of orange leggings.
4 Fox Ears and Tails Look more like a fox with this accessory headband and tail.
5 Fox Onesie If you’d rather keep it easy, get this fox onesie instead.

How to Make Hound (Copper) Costume

# Item Description
1 Brown Sweatshirt Start with a plain brown sweatshirt.
2 White Fabric Cut and oblong shape on this white fabric and sew on your shirt.
3 Brown Pants Match your shirt with a pair of brown pants.
4 Hound Ears and Tail Look more like a hound dog with floppy dog ears and a tail.
5 Hound Onesie Don’t want to DIY? Get this dog onesie instead.

The Fox and the Hound is a 1981 American animated film by Disney about the unlikely friendship between a red fox and a hound dog. It shows how much societal pressure can play in the roles of their daily lives and relationships. But Tod and Copper gets to keep a bit of their friendship in the end.

The Fox and the Hound gives hope that people that you think should be your enemies can be your most loyal friends. To look like them, you will need an orange long-sleeved shirt, orange pants, and orange fox ears for the Fox, and a brown long-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and floppy brown dog ears for the Hound.

About Fox and Hound

The Fox (Tod) was voiced by Mickey Rooney. Rooney is also known for his work in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Babes in Arms.

The Hound (Copper) was voiced by Kurt Russell. Russell is also known for his work in Escape from New York, The Hateful Eight, and The Things.

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