Caitlyn Kiramman (Arcane) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Caitlyn Kiramman’s Costume from Arcane

Caitlyn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Romper Start her look with this romper.
2 Shoulder Guard You can style the romper with this on your shoulder, too.
3 Brown Warmer Wear one of this on your shoulder with the guard for a more solid effect.
4 Belt Corset Match the shoulder guard with this belt.
5 Thigh Belt This thigh belt adds a sultry touch to the romper.
6 Boots Keep the look cool with this pair of boots.
7 Wig Wear a wig similar to her hair color and style it accordingly.
8 Toy Rifle Carry a toy rifle to complete the look, too.
9 Necklace another accessory for more accurate look.
10 Full Costume Full costume if you don’t want to DIY.

Caitlyn wears a purple romer styled with a brown shoulder guard and corset/belt. She also has thigh belts and a pair of boots to add an edge to her costume. Caitlyn also carried a rifle so you can secure a toy version, too. Complete the look with a dark purple wig.

About Caitlyn Kiramman

Caitlyn Kiramman is a character from the TV show Arcane. The show is based in the game League of Legends. She is the scion of the Kiramman family, an influential clan of Piltover. While she comes from a rich background, she wants to explore the world to get away from the elitist life she has. She joined the Enforcers later on. Caitlyn also tries to investigate the undercity conspiracy.