Powder (Arcane) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Powder’s Costume from Arcane

Powder Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cropped Top Be sure to wear your blue crop top to kick the costume off.
2 Striped Shirt You can also choose your preferred striped shirt to layer under the cropped top.
3 Maroon Shorts Add this pair of shorts to the look.
4 Pink Leggings You may also wear pink tights under the shorts.
5 Blue Cloth Cut a piece of this cloth to wear through a belt.
6 Belt Then get a belt with a nice buckle.
7 Warmer You can also wear this pair of arm warmers.
8 Wig Top the look with this blue wig.

Powder is a younger version of Jinx so her blue hair is shorter for this costume. You can recreate her look with a blue cropped top over a striped shirt. For her pants, she got maroon shorts and pink tights in a layer. For her hair, Powder’s costume can be completed with a blue wig. Then style the costume with a black belt, too,

About Powder

Powder aka JINX is a character from the TV show Arcane. The show is based in the game League of Legends. The show focuses on Jinx and her sister Vi. Jinx is said to have been born named Powder and were later orphaned. Many unfortunate events have taken Jinx and her sister to grow apart. Later on, the series shows jinx transforming to a demented killer.