Dr. Rockso (Metalocalypse) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Dr. Rockso Costume

Dr. Rockso Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Neon Green Full Body Spandex Start out your outlandish costume with this neon green full body spandex.
2 Fake Muscle Chest Get the sexy rocker aura by attaching this fake muscle chest on your unitard.
3 Neon Pink Leg Warmers Add a more striking color to your get up with this pair of neon pink leg warmers.
4 Pink Shoes Add more kick to your exuberant attire with this pair of spiky pink shoes.
5 Pink Spiked Bracelets Put accessories on your wrists with these pink spiked bracelets.
6 Spiked Leather Collar Continue the theme with this spiked leather collar.
7 Black and White Face Paint Utilize this black and white face paint to have Dr. Rockso’s Queen-inspired face look.
8 Clown Nose Attach this clown nose to your face and become the rock-and-roll clown.
9 Blue Wig Also wear this thick blue wig to complete Dr. Rockso’s image.
10 Officer’s Hat Accessorize by picking this white officer’s hat.
11 Purple Fabric Paint Paint your hat with this purple fabric paint.
12 Purple Foil Tape Use this purple foil tape to add details to your thighs and start rocking and partying.

Dr. Rockso is a rock-and-roll clown in the American adult-animated TV series Metalocalypse. He is very much addicted to cocaine, and was the famous lead singer of a partying clown-themed glam rock band, but was expelled from the group as his addiction made him erratic, violent. and paranoid. He is now a party clown for hire.

Dr. Rockso’s attire is very flamboyant. He wears a neon green full body suit with the front cut out, neon pink leg warmers, pink shoes, spiked bracelets and collar, a blue wig, and clown face make-up.

About Dr. Rockso

Dr. Rockso was voiced by Tommy Blacha. Blacha is also known for his roles in American Dad!, MOCKpocalypse, Moonbeam City, and Kirby Buckets.

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