Ziggy Stardust & Labyrinth David Bowie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a David Bowie Costume

David Bowie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 costume set This Ziggy costume has the body suit as well as the boots and belt that you will need. It is a simple outfit but definitely makes a big statement.
2 Wig, costume With the Ziggy costume, you will need to pair it with a ginger 80s style rocker wig. Bowie has his hair in this style during the Ziggy era.
3 Shirt, white, ruffled To start the Labyrinth look, a white ruffled shirt like this one should be worn on top.
4 Shirt, black, lace up This shirt goes over the white shirt and should be left halfway open.
5 Cape, black, collared The cape adds a very dramatic effect and dark Goblin King vibes which is what you should be going for.
6 Leggings, dark wash Leggings with this outfit are a very Bowie item. They are supposed to be very tight and in an androgynous style.
7 Boots, black, tall These boots add a dramatic feeling to the outfit. They are very costume-fitting and perfect for a Goblin King.
8 Wig, blonde, 80s For this costume Bowie had wild blonde 80s rocker hair that helped dramatize the costume.
9 Crystal ball As the Goblin King, Bowie has this crystal ball with him for different uses. It is a cool extra accessory for this costume.

David Bowie Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Use these two videos to help guide you through Bowie’s detailed makeup looks in both costumes.

David Bowie was and is still known as quite the eccentric character. His stage outfits and costume were always very unique and creative in ways that had never been seen before. His Ziggy Stardust stage costume is based on a persona he created during one of his album.

For a Ziggy costume you will need a blue and red striped body suit and a red wig.

For his Labyrinth Goblin King costume, you need a ruffled shirt, black cape, black lace up shirt, grey leggings, and you can’t forget about his iconic makeup looks.

Bowie wasn’t afraid to cross dress and dress more androgynous and he loved wearing crazy makeup looks with his outfits.

About David Bowie

David Bowie was a great musician and actor for over 5 decades. Ziggy Stardust is a character Bowie created as an alter-ego for himself during one of his album releases. His Labyrinth comes from the Labyrinth movie when he was cast to play an iconic role as the Goblin King.