Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Michael Jackson isn’t called the King of Pop for nothing. Many of his songs have become Hall of Famers and are still being sung today. One of his most popular and influential songs is Billie Jean. Not only is this song well-known but the accompanying dance moves and outfit is well-loved by fans as well.

For Billie Jean, Michael wore a white, V-neck undershirt tucked into black slacks, a black sequined jacket, white leg warmers, black loafers, a single silver sequined glove, and a black fedora. Here’s everything you need to look like Michael Jackson in Billie Jean.

How to Make Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) Costume

Michael Jackson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White V-Neck Undershirt Wear this white undershirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Black Sequined Jacket with Silver Glove One of Michael Jackson’s most iconic clothing items is this black sequined jacket with a white band on one arm.
3 Black Slacks Wear a simple pair of black slacks to partner with your white shirt.
4 White Leg Warmers Michael keeps his feet comfy with a pair of white leg warmers.
5 Black Loafers Michael dances his way around the stage in a pair of black loafers.
6 Wig If you weren’t blessed with beautiful curly locks like Michael, then you could always wear a wig.
7 Black Fedora Style your outfit with a nice black fedora.
8 Jacket – Child Size Transform your child into the King of Pop with this costume set.

About Billie Jean

Billie Jean was released in 1983 as Thriller’s second single. It reached the Billboard’s Hot 110 chart and stayed there for seven weeks. Billie Jean was ranked as the No. 2 Song of 1983 by Billboard.

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