Billie Jean, Thriller & Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) Costume

Michael Jackson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White V-Neck Undershirt Wear this white undershirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Black Sequined Jacket with Silver Glove One of Michael Jackson’s most iconic clothing items is this black sequined jacket with a white band on one arm.
3 Black Slacks Wear a simple pair of black slacks to partner with your white shirt.
4 White Leg Warmers Michael keeps his feet comfy with a pair of white leg warmers.
5 Black Loafers Michael dances his way around the stage in a pair of black loafers.
6 Wig If you weren’t blessed with beautiful curly locks like Michael, then you could always wear a wig.
7 Black Fedora Style your outfit with a nice black fedora.
8 Jacket – Child Size Transform your child into the King of Pop with this costume set.

Michael Jackson isn’t called the King of Pop for nothing. Many of his songs have become Hall of Famers and are still being sung today. One of his most popular and influential songs is Billie Jean. Not only is this song well-known but the accompanying dance moves and outfit is well-loved by fans as well.

For Billie Jean, Michael wore a white, V-neck undershirt tucked into black slacks, a black sequined jacket, white leg warmers, black loafers, a single silver sequined glove, and a black fedora. Here’s everything you need to look like Michael Jackson in Billie Jean.

How to Make Michael Jackson - Thriller Costume

Thriller (Michael Jackson) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Jacket Start off your costume with his iconic Thriller jacket.
2 Red Faux Leather Pants Pair your jacket with red leather pants.
3 Black Penny Loafers Go for smart black loafers for this costume.
4 Curly Wig Wear a short curly wig to look like Michael in the music video.
5 Face and Body Paint If you want to do the Thriller zombie look, this paint set will help you out.
6 White Socks Wear white socks inside your shoes.
7 Full Costume Set Don’t want to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

How to Make Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal Costume

Smooth Criminal Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Oxford Dress Shirt Wear a smart blue dress shirt as your base top.
2 White Blazer Wear a plain white blazer atop your shirt.
3 White Dress Pants Match your blazer with a pair of white dress pants.
4 Black Dress Shoes You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black dress shoes.
5 Ponytail Wig Michael wears his hair long for this video so put on a wig.
6 White Fedora Hat and Neck Tie Set Don’t forget to accessorize with his iconic white fedora.
7 Blue Fabric Use blue fabric for the armband on Michael’s blazer.
8 White Finger Tape Add finger tape on the tips of your right finger.
9 Light Navy Socks Wear a warm pair of navy socks.
10 White Spats Add white spats atop your black shoes for a more memorable look.

Michael Jackson has been dubbed the King of Pop because he was one of the most significant figures in music for the past century. He has influenced multiple generations with his songs, his dance moves, and even his fashion. With over a four decade long career in the spotlight, it’s no wonder Michael Jackson’s become such a huge impact in popular culture.

Michael Jackson is known for many of his iconic outfits, two of which are from his Thriller and Smooth Criminal music videos. He wears a red and black ensemble for Thriller and a white suit with black details for Smooth Criminal.

About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson loved to make fans curious with his notable outfit choices. He wanted to be unique from everyone else thus almost all his jackets had an armband on the right sleeve. Jackson was aware that not everyone prefers to wear white socks with black shoes and in doing so, it would also draw attention to his feet movements. Since hand movements were integral to his dance routines, Jackson and his costume designers decided to wrap his fingers with white tape to attract more light. His shoes had a V-shaped gap under the heels which helped him perform his famous 45 degree tilt.

Billie Jean was released in 1983 as Thriller’s second single. It reached the Billboard’s Hot 110 chart and stayed there for seven weeks. Billie Jean was ranked as the No. 2 Song of 1983 by Billboard.

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