Arno Dorian (Assassin's Creed Unity) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Arno Dorian Costume

Arno Dorian Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 The Phantom Blade The replica of the Phantom Blade from Ubisoft, a signature weapon of the French Assassins
2 Plain Brown Buttoned Down Shirt You will wear this shirt as the first layer, so any plain brown shirt with long sleeve would do
3 White Biker Leather Vest You should look for a white leather vest to wear over the brown shirt
4 Red and Black Stripped Scarf Arno has a nice scarf wrapped around his neck so you should look for a black and red stripped scarf, or dark red is also fine, to wear around your neck as well
5 Assassin’s Creed Unity Cloak with Detachable Hood This is a replica from the game, however you can also use a simple long blue coat with hood to recreate a look instead.
6 Casual Grey Pants Any simple designed pants would be suitable, however the color should be in dark gray or black
7 Brown Leather Gauntlets A simple pair of brown leather gauntlets would be just perfect. But a regular brown leather gloves could be used as an alternative choice
8 Dark Brown Leather Belt Any simple chocolate brown leather belts would do. Noted that the more looser of your belt is the more you can recreate Arno’s belt look
9 Black Leather Boots What you need to look for is a simple black leather boots with medieval or pirate style
10 Costume Cutlass Pick any costume cutlasses to finish your look, even a simple one would do
11 Full costume Full costume is also available for better look

Arno Dorian Signature Outfit

As a French Assassin, Arno Dorian’s style replicates French soldier with both pattern and colors: blue, red, and white. Also, the outfit reflects Arno’s noble background because it looks very classy and well-cut. Arno’s signature weapons are the Phantom Blade,a modification to the Hidden Blade adopted by the French Assassins, and a french cutlass.

About Arno Dorian

In Assassin’s Creed Unity Game, Arno Dorian is the main protagonist who plays a crucial role as Master Assassin during the French Revolution. Arno is born in a noble household in Versailles to an Austrian mother and French Assassin Charles Dorian. With his family’s wealthy background, Arno grows up with exceptional education making him a very wise young boy.

Unfortunately, Arno’s father is murdered when he is eight years old. Thus his father’s enemy François de la Serre, the Grand Master of the French Templars, decides to adopt Arno out of his respect for Arno’s father. Thirteen years later, Arno is being accused of killing his adoptive father, which he did not, and therefore being sent to jail in Bastille where he meets Pierre Bellec, a prisoner and a son of an Assassin, who ends up training Arno in combat.

After breaking out of the prison, Arno learns that François was betrayed and killed by someone within the Templar Order. Wanting to seek a revenge, Arno joins the Assassins and swears to hunt down his adoptive father’s murderer. All this time, Arno’s internal conflict is that he blames himself for François’ death because he failed to save him.