Mary Read (Assassins Creed) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mary Read Costume

Mary Read Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain White Blouse You should be looking for a plain white blouse with medieval style for women. If you can’t find it, then a plain white modern shirt would do
2 Green or Brown Jacket What you have to look for is a green or brown over coat with a pirate or, at least rustic, style to it
3 Red Scarf Mary Read always wraps a red scarf around her waist and put around on her head whenever she needs to disguise as James Kidd, so this item is a must have
4 Brown Leather Gauntlets Any simple pair of brown leather gauntlets or gloves would be perfect for the look
5 Medieval Brown Belt A big brown leather belt would be perfect. However if you can’t find any, using a normal size brown leather belt works too
6 High Waist Pants Any simple tan high waist pants would do, but if you can get the ones with a medieval touch then it would be even better
7 Black High Boots Just look for a pair of plain black boots. But make sure they’re knee-length like those that Mary wears
8 Costume Pirate Gun Complete you Mary Read’s look with a costume pirate gun
9 Medium Straight Brown Wig Get the most out of Mary’s look by replicate her hairstyle with a medium brown wig. Noted that a perfect length is not supposed to pass the shoulders
10 Hair Beads To replicate her hair style, add some hair beads.

Mary Read Signature Outfit

Mary Read dresses very practically because she often has to disguise as James Kidd. She regularly wears white blouse underneath a rustic green coat with a regular pair of tan pants and high boots.

She also has a red scarf wrapped around her waist for when she must becomes James Kidd she will wear it on her head to cover the hair and her feminine face.

About Mary Read

Mary Read is a character in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag who is an English pirate and a member of West Indies Brotherhood of the Assassins, as well as one of the founders of the Pirate Republic of Nassau. She is well-trained by Ah Tabai in combat and fighting. However, Mary must undertake an identity of a man named James Kidd, an illegitimate son of William Kidd, in order to maintain her persona as a respectable pirate.

Later, Mary, as James Kidd, meets with Edward Kenway and goes on the journey to a place called the Observatory with him. The year after they reunite again to track down and assassinate Prins and Laureano de Torres y Ayala, the Templar Grand Master.

Going through many obstacles together, their platonic bound grows to the point that Mary trusts Edward enough to reveal her true identity to him, then she specifically tells him not to say hr secret to anybody or else she’ll ‘unman’ him.

It is unquestionable how much of leadership and courage Mary Read has, but what she also has is an awesome personality for being both adventurous and easygoing.