Shao Jun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Shao Jun Costume

Shao Jun Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full body costume, premade for simplicity. Full costume of coat, top, sash, belt, arm and shoulder armor, as well as pants have been put together to make finding the costume easier for the wearer.
2 Chinese style slippers. The slippers add a very traditional element to the costume, and are perfectly noiseless, which is perfect for Shao Jun’s spy ability.
3 White cloth or gauze to wrap around your legs. The cloth Shao Jun uses around her legs provides an extra layer of protection, as well as gives an interesting boot-like look to her shoes.
4 Samurai style blade with sheath. A samurai style blade is a perfect fit for Shao Jun’s outfit and is a very sleek and powerful weapon.
5 Green jade and silver Assassin’s logo necklace. For a small but pretty accessory, Shao Jun sometimes wears this silver and jade necklace that has the Assassin’s logo on it. This shows how dedicated and how much she loves her Brotherhood.

Shao Jun’s assassin outfit brings to light her agile spying prowess and amazing fighting ability. Such an outfit can make anyone look like a fearless sword swinging assassin. She wears a deep brown hooded coat with red silk trim and a mandarin collar. Under the coat she wears a white gauzy top, and around the coat she wears a red sash tied around her waist.

Her bottom half consists of flexible white pants, a brown belt with the Assassin’s logo and Chinese style slippers with white cloth wrapped around the lower half of her legs. Her weapon of choice is a long samurai style blade with a sheath strapped around her torso. For light armor, she wears leather shoulder pauldrons as well as gardebras arm guards. Here’s what you need to put together your own Shao Jun cosplay costume.

Shao Jun makes a wonderful choice of costume for any fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. She is a very unique character with a very interesting back story. Her outfit is very interesting and beautiful in a way many other Assassin’s Creed character outfits are often not.

About Shao Jun

Shao Jun is a Chinese assassin part of the Chinese Assassin’s Brotherhood. She was a concubine to the Chinese emperor at the time, and when he died she joined the Assassins for her safety. Shao Jun saved the Chinese Brotherhood from extinction and avenged the murders of her fellow Brotherhood member’s years after she joined the Assassins.

Her deeds and techniques used for vengeance are considered legendary, and years after her death they are still remembered. Shao Jun is also known for her agility and great ability to hide and sneak around easily.