Anne Bonny (Assassins Creed) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Anne Bonny Costume for Cosplay

Anne Bonny Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blouse, white with pleats and ruffles around the neck Anne wears a blouse like the one above, and has it so that the ruffles around the neck are foaming from the top of the corset. This gives a very jaunty and playful look to the outfit.
2 Skirt, green layered, with a slit or side cut. This skirt is a great alternative to pants, it allows the same amount of movement but with an extra flair. You can easily get a skirt like hers but making a cut in it yourself.
3 Corset, dark green, covers full torso Anne’s corset acts almost like armor sometimes, and is a very piratical addition to the outfit. You can hide knives and blades very easily inside a corset such as this one.
4 Sash, deep red, tie around waist. Anne’s sash is a nice pop of color and a great accessory to the overall look.
5 Stockings, grey knee-length. Stockings or socks to go under the skirt and cover part of the legs otherwise revealed by the slit
6 Shoes, black with a buckle, colonial style. Anne’s shoes are very sturdy and no-nonsense. Perfect for a tough fighter like herself.
7 Gauntlet sleeves, brown leather lace-up. The gauntlet’s act as a protection for her arms, and made her outfit more battle appropriate.
8 Necklaces, leather cord, layered. Anne wears several different necklaces; you can start off with a choker, add a medium length one, and finally and longer one.
9 Short sword and scabbard with hip belt. A fierce piratess cannot be without a weapon after all.
10 Flower crown, pink roses. Tie the flower crown backward around your head so the flowers frame the back of your head like Anne’s does.
11 red wig To finish off this look you can add a red wig to replicate Anne’s own red hair

Anne Bonny’s typical outfit is very piratical as well as colonial-inspired. She wears a white blouse with pleats around the chest and a dark green lace-up corset that cover her from her waist to her shoulders. On her bottom half she is dressed in a dark green skirt with a slit or part cut from the side, knee high gray socks or stockings, and flat shoes with a buckle.

For accessories she wears layered leather cord necklaces, a pink crown of roses around the back of her head, and a short sword with a scabbard belt around her waist. She also has a red sash tied around her waist which adds a pop of color to the overall look. Here’s what you need to put together your own version of an Anne Bonny costume.

This costume is a fun option for any Assassin’s Creed fan. It’s an interesting outfit and with a little effort can make a phenomenal cosplay costume.

About Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny is an outstanding character part of the Assassin’s Creed video game series. She makes an appearance in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and plays one of the main supporting characters. She is a very tough and fiery Irish woman, though she was taken to North Caroline when she was young. She worked as a barmaid is Port Nassau, which led to her meeting and dealings with many pirates.

After meeting Mary Read, in disguise as a male pirate called James Kidd, she and Mary put together a crew and go off sailing. During her pirating years, Anne acquired a great deal of treasure and had many successful robberies, but was eventually caught.