Waterbender Katara Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Katara Costume

Katara Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tunic, blue This blue tunic dress is definitely an important piece to the Katara costume. It has to be blue and flowy enough in order to symbolize Katara’s powers of water control.
2 Pants, blue These pants are just a very plain and simple bottom piece in order to not take attention away from the tunic and to provide ease of movement.
3 Gloves, fingerless, blue In many instances Katara is seen wearing blue fingerless gloves similar to these. Their purpose is to add more accessory and more blue to the costume.
4 Boots, brown suede The brown boots add a pop of a different color and help bring out the color of Katara’s hair and skin.
5 Sash, white Tie the sash around your waist; it helps bring more movement to the costume. The white of the sash also helps symbolize Katara’s powers of ice control.
6 Bag, brown Katara often wears a bag on her. The brown of the bag helps bring out the other brown tones within the costume.
7 Choker, blue This blue pendant choker is similar to the one Katara wears and is very important to her character.
8 Wig, brown, long This wig is brown hair that is very long and a little bit curly. Katara’s own hair is like this and having a wig with your costume adds an authentic touch.

Like most characters within the Avatar universe, Katara’s costume is very Asian and martial arts inspired. Her most popular outfit consists of a blue flowing tunic, blue plants, and brown boots, as well as blue gloves. All the blue in her outfit represents her powers as a Waterbender and her ability to control water and ice with her mind. The costume itself is quite easy to put together on your own, and you can even get the rest of your friends to play the other Avatar characters with you!

Katara Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Katara does not wear too much makeup, but for what she does wear, this tutorial can help you through the process.

About Katara

Katara is one of the only Waterbenders in the Avatar universe. She eventually becomes a Master Waterbender due to her fierce power and courage. She is one of the main supporting characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and actually she is the one who discovers Aang.