Diane Nguyen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Diane Nguyen Costume

Diane Nguyen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Military green, one-button blazer Here we have a military green blazer with a cartoonish twist to it in the form of an orange two-headed arrow going around the waist, which you can replicate with a piece of fabric of your choice. Another cardigan option
2 White, sweetheart, strap tank top For this part of your costume, it would be great if you could get your hands on a white, sweetheart-neckline tank top. In lack of one of those, you can use a different white top as long as it has the sweetheart neckline.
3 Skinny. light blue jeans Light-washed blue jeans. Preferably skinny, slim-fit or tapered at the very least.
4 Classic, black, leather belt Plain black belt with a single-tongue steel buckle.
5 Black, mid-calf, leather boots Diane loves to wear her black, mid-calf boots anywhere she goes. If you happen to have a couple of those laying around, re-purpose them for this costume by adding two yellow rings around the openings of each boot about half an each away from each other.
6 Square, semi-rimless glasses Make sure to include a pair of square, semi-rimless glasses to your Diane costume as it is something Diane wears in a daily basis.
7 Stainless steel ring Looking at the official character design, you’ll find Diane is depicted wearing a stainless steel ring; sometimes in her right hand and sometimes in her left hand. In the show, however, the ring is completely absent. There are no right nor wrong answers here. You may go with whichever you like best and it’ll be perfect.
8 Tape You’ll need yellow & red ones for your blazer & shoes

Diane Nguyen Outfit

It doesn’t take much to see why Diane is a keeper; she’s intellectual and attractive nerd. No, she doesn’t really have an eye for fashion, but that’s what makes her outfit so special, the fact that it shouldn’t work, but it does.

In some of the flashbacks shown through the series, we can see a couple of transitions from teenage-Diane to young adult and on to present-day Diane and in none of those phases there’s anything like the green blazer with orange arrows she wears religiously. She didn’t even take it off for her wedding.

That’s the most important element in Diane’s outfit, the green blazer she wears over her white blouse with sweetheart-neckline. As for the rest of her outfit, she likes to wear her light-washed blue jeans tight and tugged in her black leather mid-calf heel boots.

About Diane Nguyen

Diane Nguyen, voiced by Alison Brie is a best seller-author working as a ghostwriter on BoJack Horseman’s biography. Some of her past experience includes Secretariat: a Life, The Rise and Fall of Strongheart and Tracing Zippo Pine Bar. She was approached by Princess Carolyn in order help BoJack meet the deadlines on his autobiography that he was continuously missing out of sheer procrastination.

Before moving to Los Angeles, she majored in Literature and Equine Studies at Boston University. It was only after she went to California that she met Mr. Peanutbutter, her future husband, while working as a cashier in a Starbucks coffee shop. Many times throughout the series is heavily implied that Diane’s friendship with BoJack seems to be taking a romantic turn to the point of confiding in him and even hiding at his place without her husband, Mr. Peanutbutter, knowing.


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