Aang Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Aang Costume

Aang Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Monk cloth, orange Wrap this bright orange cloth around your upper body and torso. Aang himself is a monk so clothing similar to this is what you will need.
2 Pants, yellow, wide These pants have a very wide fit that allow a large range of motion which fits with the martial arts style of the costume. The dark color contrasts with the brightness of the orange top very nicely.
3 Sash, red This thick red sash fits in perfectly with the whole martial arts and monk concept of the costume. It adds some more warmth to the costume and adds accessory.
4 Martial arts, training, socks These martial arts style socks provide another martial arts element to the costume. Aang wears similar socks on many occasions.
5 Shoes, black, training style These shoes are worn by martial arts trainees and should go over the socks. Aang wears the whole martial arts shoes and socks look to add to his concept of a trainee monk.
6 Black thread Use this black thread to wind loosely around the socks to give them a crisscross and intertwined look.
7 Bald cap As a monk, Aang has his head shaved. Use a bald cap over your hair to get a similar style without having to actually shave your head.
8 Paint, blue Use this blue paint to paint symbols on your face and forehead the same symbols Aang has painted on his. This will add authenticity and an extra cool look to your costume.
9 Staff As a monk, Aang needs his staff for wizardary
10 Full Costume If you don’t have time for

Aang’s style is very martial arts inspired and perfect for his vocation as a monk who does dabble in martial arts and element control. He is often wearing different kinds of robes and has his head shaved in the style of a monk.

The perfect Aang outfit for a costume would be: an orange colored monk’s cloth that covers half your body, wide Asian style dark colored pants, a red sash to tie around your middle, and martial arts practice socks along with martial arts style shoes.

Aang Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

This video will help guide you on how to paint on yourself the symbols that are significant to Aang’s look.

About Aang

Aang is the protagonist in the children’s anime and cartoon show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Aang is a young monk who is able to control all four elements of nature in a world where most people can only control one. He is the last known “Airbender” and the hero to many in the show.