Doctor Strange Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Doctor Strange Costume

Doctor Strange Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Tunic and pant, set This tunic and pant suit greatly resemble a monks outfit and bring back Doctor Strange’s history.
2 Robe, blue Another very Nepalese piece, this robe adds some style and color to Strange’s costume.
3 Cape, red Strange’s cape is a magic cape and one of the ways he gets his powers. The cape itself has a mind of its own and has saved Strange in many ways.
4 Boots, lace-up These are not your typical lace-up combat boots but have a strap detail around the whole boot that make them very stylish and unique.
5 Wig, Doctor Strange Doctor Strange has very distinct brown hair with two grey stripes on the side of his head. This wig is a good way to get the same look.
6 Necklace, Eye of Agamotto This necklace is a big deal to Strange and has great powers that make him a superhero. Without the necklace, Strange’s powers are gone.
7 Sling ring The sling ring is one of Strange’s mystical objects that help him focus his mind and channel his powers.
8 Full Costume Full costume is also available if you want more accurate look.

Doctor Strange’s superhero outfit is an interesting combination of classical superhero elements with Nepalese/Tibetan monk clothing to create one of the coolest Marvel superhero getups ever seen. His tunic and robe have the look of what the typical Nepalese monk would wear due to him learning the mystical arts in a Kathmandu monastery. Overall the costume is simple enough to put together yourself. You will need the basics like a tunic and pant set, a red cape, and some lace-up boots, as well as a few other special items.

About Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is an extremely skillful neurosurgeon that goes through an accident that renders him useless to his trade. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch he embarks on a journey to try and fix the thing wrong with him in any way he can and stumbles upon a monastery in Kathmandu. There he gets involved in the mystical arts and eventually becomes a superhero.