Tony Stark (MCU) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tony Stark’s Costume from MCU

Tony Stark Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Sabbath T-Shirt Get a Black Sabbath T-shirt to wear as in Avengers.
2 Jacket Suit Top the shirt with a black suit jacket.
3 Jeans Wear a pair of jeans.
4 Leather Belt Fasten your jeans with a black leather belt.
5 Leather Shoes Match the outfit with black leather shoes.
6 Outray Sunglasses Get a pair of sunglasses with outray style to wear.
7 Fake Beard Recreate Tony’s beard with a set of fake beard and mustache.
8 Reactor Prop Get a realistic reactor prop to stick on your chest!
9 Reactor Screened T-Shirt This is optional in case you don’t want to get a reactor prop. Get a T-shirt with a reactor screen on it instead.
10 Reactor Pin Another choice is this reactor pin

Here we’re talking about Tony Stark, not Iron Man, and surely we will dress as such. Tony Stark wears a reactor, a blur T-shirt topped with a black suit jacket, a pair of jeans, leather shoes, sunglasses, and an iron hand. If you think this is a cool look and want to recreate it, checkout our item list down here!

About Tony Stark

Tony Stark, famously portrayed by Robert Downey Jr., is a tech god and a wealthy man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His ability to fund many high technology weapon projects lands his company on the top. Out if these projects, Tony’s personal one become success and the first iron suit is created; making him an Iron Man as a result. The suit links with his reactor, a machine functions as a heart on his chest powered by Tesseract, and grants him endurance, speed, strength, ability to fly, and so on.

Tony, as Iron Man, then joins the Avengers to defend the world from outer galactic threats. It can be said that Iron Man, along with Captain America, Thor, The hulk, Hawk eye, and Natasha, are the founding members.