Cable (Deadpool 2) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Cable (Deadpool 2) Costume

Cable Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown T-Shirt Get a plain brown T-shirt to wear.
2 Black Cargo Pants Pair up your top with a pair of brown cargo pants.
3 Black Tactical Vest Top your T-shirt with a black bulletproof vest.
4 Tactical Shell Belt Place a shell belt across your body.
5 Dark Green Cape Wear a dark green cape on top of the outfit.
6 Black Tactical Belt Fasten your pants with a black tactical belt.
7 Combat Boots Pair up your outfit with black combat boots.
8 Gun Holsters Put a gun holsters on your thigh.
9 Knee pads & Shin guards To complete his tactical outfit you’ll also need black knee pads & shin guards.
10 Black Finger-less Tactical Gloves Look for a pair of finger-less tactical gloves.
11 Heavy Gun Prop Carry a big gun prop as a weapon.
12 Silver Arm Sleeve Wear a gray arm sleeve on your left arm to create a metallic impression.
13 Teddy Bear Optional Prop to remind what you have lost
14 Futuristic Watch Optional
15 Eye Lens You only need to use it in your left eye.
16 Full Costume If you don’t have time to gather pieces together, get this full costume!

Coming from the future, Cable’s look obtains a bit of dystopian futuristic atmosphere. He wears a brown T-shirt topped with bulletproof vest and shell belt, a dark green cape, black cargo pants, a tactical belt, black gloves, gun holsters, and brown combat boots.

Cable is also known for his robotic left arm and gray hair. If you want to recreate this cool look, checkout our list down below!
If you want to go extra length, you can dye your hair white/silver.

About Cable

Cable or Nathan Summers, portrayed by an American actor Josh Brolin, is the antagonist in Deadpool 2 , a sequel of Deadpool that follows Wade Wilson (Deadpool) as he forms a mutant team of his own to fight off Cable.

Cable is a time traveling cybernetic mutant soldier from the future. His aim is to revenge Firefist, who is now a young boy, for turning fanatic and killing his wife and daughter.

However, this doesn’t sit well with the X-force (Deadpool’s team) because Firefist in the present is just a confused young boy who has been abused, not a crazy villain. And so they fight.

Altered with cybernetic and bionic advancement of the future, Cable obtains many superhuman abilities includes super-strength, telekinesis, enhanced vision, and so on.