Biff Tannen (Back to the Future) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Biff Tannen Costume

Biff Tannen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt bright red, short sleeve button down
2 Undershirt white, goes under the red shir
3 Jeans typical straight-legged blue jeans
4 Belt simple black leather belt
5 Shoes timeless black converse

Biff has a very strong personality. He is easily enraged and tends to throw fits when he doesn’t get what he wants or thinks he deserved. He is a very tough, cocky, and macho character who usually acts and gets the things he wants by force. He is usually surrounded by a gang of his lackeys that take part in his bullying and mean ways.

His outfits are very different throughout the movies. He is a teenage kid in the 80s, a middle-aged man in the future, and several other characters in many of the past and future time traveling scenes. However, one of his most recognizable outfits is his look during the 60s. Here’s what you will need to recreate this Biff Tannen look for yourself.

A Biff Tannen costume is easily put together and is a simple and timeless look. There are many other Biff costume you can do as well. With this version if a Biff Tannen costume, you can get some friends to dress as his gang, and make a really spectacular group cosplay.

About Biff Tannen

Biff Tannen is the main and reappearing antagonist through the Back to the Future movies. He makes an appearance in every movie within the series, and always as a very unlikable yet great villain. In the first movie he is Marty’s high school rival, and as the movies and storyline grows, we see him when he middle-aged, or as his own future relative. He is a very iconic character in the 90s hit film, and might just be one of the greatest 90s villains.