Dress Like Betty Boop Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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Betty Boop has been wooing her audiences since her debut in 1934. Inspired by the flappers of the age, Betty is the representation of the teenage girl forever at odds with the old-school ideas of her parents. She is highly independent with a big heart. Amidst all the controversies surrounding her conception, Betty Boop is still a well-beloved character to this day.

Betty Boop’s outfit is iconic so it’s easily recognized when worn. She wears a red strapless mini dress, red heels, a garter with a heart, and gold hoop earrings. Here’s everything you need to look like Betty Boop.

How to Dress Like Betty Boop - DIY costume

Betty Boop Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Strapless Mini Dress Betty wears a very short, red mini dress.
2 Red Heels It’s safe to say that red is Betty’s favorite color. Just look at those heels!
3 Garter Betty Boop wears a garter around one of her legs. It has a heart glued on it.
4 Golden Hoop Earrings Betty Boop loves her gold earrings.
5 Red Lipstick Betty Boop is known for her luscious red lips. You can even add super long lash extensions to perfect her sultry look.
6 Wig Betty’s short black hair is famous as well, so wear a wig if you must.
7 Costume Set You can also get a costume set instead of DIY-ing everything.
8 Golden Bracelets Another accessory is golden bracelets.

About Betty Boop

Betty Boop is an iconic cartoon character created by Max Fleischer. She is often regarded as the face of Jazz Age flapper, a group of Jazz-listening women who opted to wear short skirts and short hair, and often showed disdain to what what was then considered proper behavior.

Betty Boop was believed to be modeled after singer Helen Kane despite many questions on whether the original Betty Boop was black. Through the years, Betty Boop's appearance and character positioned her as an American sexy symbol, becoming popular with the adult audience.

Betty Boop was portrayed by Mae Questel. Questel also voiced another cartoon favorite, Olive Oyl.

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