Coach Steve (Big Mouth) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Coach Steve Costume

Coach Steve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Collared Shirt A blue collared shirt will look good for a teacher.
2 Blue Basketball Shorts Establish that Coach Steve is someone who ‘teaches’ sports with blue basketball shorts.
3 White Knee-High Socks with Blue Stripes Keep your legs warm in a pair of white knee-high socks.
4 Brown Sneakers Not the best pair for gym, but Coach Steve wouldn’t actually be doing a lot of exercise.
5 Yellow Whistle Every gym coach needs a whistle.
6 Messy Black Wig Get Coach Steve’s messy hairstyle with this black wig.
7 Fake Mustache Don’t forget to wear a mustache like Coach Steve’s.

Who knows how Coach Steve got his job as an educator when he himself doesn’t seem to understand even the basic facts of life? Coach Steve has a cheerful and positive attitude and never gets mad. You’d think that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get angry because he doesn’t understand it when people are already insulting him.

Coach Steve wears a blue uniform which includes a collared top and shorts. He has messy long hair an a scruffy beard.

About Coach Steve

Coach Steve was voiced by Nick Kroll. Kroll is also known for his roles in Sausage Party, Sing, Adult Beginners, and The League.

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