David Lo Pan (Big Trouble in Little China) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make David Lo Pan Costume

David Lo Pan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Oriental Robe Nothing says regal and formidable than a black, silk, oriental robe. This is the perfect get-up for the dark sorcerer as it shows off his authority and his maturity. David Lo Pan doesn’t wear his robe with a sash, so what you can do is remove it and pin the robe for modesty’s sake.
2 Iconic Black Headpiece Lo Pan’s headpiece is so special that it’s hard to buy it as is. But it can be done with a little effort. Two of this top hat stacked upon one another is a great base. Simply flay both top hats and remove their rims. Glue one top hat on the top, inner side of the other top hat. Add a gold band and a few more gold details to liven it up. Lastly, insert a golden stick at the bottom for the perfect David Lo Pan headpiece!
3 Fake Chinese Mustache David Lo Pan’s beard and mustache combo are simply majestic. If you can’t grow a long beard in an instant, this prop is perfect for you. Just rearrange it to mimic the dark sorcerer’s look.
4 White Face Paint You can’t look like David Lo Pan without adding on a ghastly (I meant, ghostly!) white sheen to your face. This white face paint can help you achieve his iconic, super pale look
5 False Nails For more accurate representation

He may be despicable and immoral, but no one can doubt that Lo Pan is a very powerful sorcerer. He is also very determined, imagine waiting for centuries in a weak, decrepit body. When he regains his true physical form, David Lo Pan is decked out in regal, traditional Chinese attire.

He definitely looks strong and powerful like the sorcerer he is. Looking like David Lo Pan may be easy because of his simple, black robe but there are some key pieces that you will need to create yourself. Not to worry! Here are the things you need to get started on your perfect David Lo Pan costume!

About David Lo Pan

One of the greatest scenes in Big Trouble in Little China is probably the transformation scene where David Lo Pan gains back his true physical body. The visual effects may seem complicated but it was recently revealed that filming this scene was so easy that it only took them one take to finish!

It was all made possible by creating a bust of the actor, James Hong, to look like Lo Pan’s decrepit old-man body, and a few lighting techniques from inside the bust and the studio.