Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bill the Butcher’s Costume from Gangs of New York

Here are pieces you can cop to get Bill the Butcher’s costume.

Bill The Butcher Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Quarter Sleeve Shirt Start with this shirt as base of the top.
2 Brown Vest Top the quarter sleeves with this vest.
3 Brown Pants Wear a pair of brown pants too.
4 Brown Belt Style the pants with this belt.
5 Striped Scarf Wear this striped scarf on the waist as accent to the costume.
6 Brown Boots Then add this pair of boots to complete the cool costume.
7 Fake Mustache Rock a handlebar mustache.
8 Helmet Cap In his another butcher look, Bill wears similar cap.
9 Toy Knife Carry a toy butcher knife or cleaver to nail the costume.
10 Top Hat For this costume, you may also wear a top hat.
11 Plaid Pants For his alternative look.
12 Red long coat for his 2nd look.

Keep Bill the Butcher’s look close to the real deal! Get a quarter sleeve shirt and wear it under a brown vest. Pair this top with brown pants with a belt and a scarf or sash on the waist, too. Complete the look with brown boots as well as a top hat. Then get fake facial hair and then carry a fake butcher knife.

About Bill the Butcher

Bill the Butcher, also known as William Poole, was a gang leader of the group called Washington Street Gang. This gang was later known as Bowery Boys gang. He is also part of the Know Nothing political group and movement in 19th century NYC where he was also the leader. A fictionalized version of the story about him and his time in the gang is depicted in the film Gangs of New York.