Gracie Law (Big Trouble in Little China) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Gracie Law Costume

Gracie Law Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Silk Dress Bright red and smooth silk seem to be a favorite in Chinese attire, and this gown is no exception. Its large billowing sleeves and snug fit offer both comfort and elegance to its wearer. Just ditch the gold belt and opt for a red one.
2 Blue Ornate Headpiece If you don’t have the time to create Gracie’s beautiful headpiece from scratch, this one is a good base. It already has the elegant gold details you need. All that’s left to do is spray paint the red feathers with a pretty, sky blue color.
3 Beaded Necklace Something that a lot of fans miss when making a Gracie Law costume is her beaded necklace. This might not be as thin as Gracie’s but it sure is as beautiful.
4 Bright Pink Blush apply the bright pink blush on your cheeks all the way around your eyes.
5 Red Lipstick A Gracie Law costume will not be complete without her famous makeup look! Wear lighter foundation on your skin and bright red lipstick on your lips.
6 Red Flats Any red shoe should work here

There’s nothing Gracie Law can’t do. Smart, loyal, and brave; she possesses qualities that make her a great woman. Her beautiful green eyes and innocent appearance add to her charm, as well. What more can someone ask for in a leading lady?

Gracie Law is forever immortalized wearing her long, silk, wedding gown and huge, ornate headpiece in the minds of dedicated fans. Looking like her can be tough, but pretty. Here are the basic things you need to look like Gracie Law!

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About Gracie Law

One important thing about Gracie Law’s character isn’t her smarts, her bravery, or even her beauty. A real plot point is that of her beautiful, sea green eyes.

This the reason why David Lo Pan kidnaps her in the first place. But, actress Kim Katrall didn’t have green eyes. She had to wear green contacts fifteen minutes before takes because it kept making her eyes water!