Dragon's Costume from Shrek for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make the Dragon’s Costume from Shrek

Dragon Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dragon Onesie You can start the look with this red onesie.
2 Scale Dress For a more stylish take, wear a red dress with dragon or snake scales.
3 Dragon Wing Set Get this dragon wing set if you wish.
4 Dragon Mask You may also wear this dragon mask for a bigger fit.
5 Gloves Secure a pair of dragon gloves, too.
6 Donkey Plushie Carry a donkey plushie as prop!

Elevate a onesie or scaly dress look with dragon accessories to lift up your Shrek-inspired costume. You may wear a onesie for a comfy take or a scaly dress. Be sure to add dragon elements to the costume starting with a dragon wing, tail, gloves, and mask. Complete the costume with a donkey plushie.

About the Dragon

The Dragon is a character from the animated film franchise Shrek. She was first seen as a big, scary creature that lives in the tower where Princess Fiona was held. She can breathe fire and scares people easily, but it doesn’t scare Donkey, who is with Shrek on a mission to save the princess Fiona. Donkey and the dragon become friends, and the dragon even helps Donkey when he’s in trouble.